Deland Carpet Cleaner Bill Martin and Hugh Downs


Hugh Downs with Bill Martin, Owner of All Pro Carpet Cleaners

My wife and I recently attended an industry trade show and workshop in Phoenix, Arizona.  Over five hundred carpet /restoration cleaners from around the world attended.   The video/audio of the  event was also simulcast live over the internet around the world to an even larger number of cleaners who could not attend the event in person.  This event was attended by some of the carpet cleaner industry’s  “movers and shakers”.  One of the keynote speakers was Hugh Downs.  Mr Downs’ career on TV was very successful as he served  as host of the NBC Today Show and was co-anchor for 20/20 for a number of years.  Mr Downs also is an accomplished musician and sail plane pilot.   Mr Downs recounted one story to the audience about his “most” difficult interview.    Seems he was interview a world renowned religious leader from another country on live TV.  Mr. Downs did his homework and was ready for the interview.    Mr Downs said he asked several  questions and the religious leader would just smile with each question and say nothing, as would the interpreter!   Filming live to network TV stations around the country, Mr. Downs   had to ad lib in order to fill out the allotted time  for the segment with no help from his subject!  After the silent interview, Mr. Downs found out that the religious leader being interviewed did not speak English and brought his own interpreter, but  it seems the night before the interview was to take place the  English-speaking interpreter got sick and so in his place sent his brother to help with the interview.  Of course, you guessed it–the “interpreter” did not speak English either!  Some of you might say what does this have to do with the carpet cleaning business??  The meat of Mr Down’s message to the group of carpet cleaners was that you must always be prepared and hone your skills to meet any challenges you might face in life….be it business or in your personal life.  To always look to the bright side of life and not to focus on the negative.  You could hear a pin drop as Mr Downs spoke…those of you that have heard him speak over the years on TV, you never forget that voice.  After his speech he was greeted by  thunderous applause from the audience.  My take on all of this?  The mind is a valuable thing to waste.  You could feel the energy and positive attitude in the room as Mr Downs spoke.  Everyone who left the room that day felt up- lifted and was inspired to go back to their own life, their own business  as a business owner, as a carpet cleaner, as an office worker in a carpet cleaning business,  as a family member and be the best that they could be in what ever they did in life.  My wife (my business partner) and I felt very fortunate to have met this industry giant of the TV/news world and feel motivated to do our best!


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