Imagine wearing the same pair of Levis for 10 years?

You’d be amazed at just how much upholstery in the United States spends it’s whole life with out a good bath. Studies show that less than 10% ever gets a professional cleaning in it’s life time.

Just imagine wearing the same pair of jeans or a shirt for years and years and not ever washing it…..Some times our favorite recliner is also our bed and lunch room….Yikees!  We eat and fall asleep in our favorite chair. Or maybe one of your four legged Buddies also shares your favorite chair with you…..or maybe, just maybe that favorite piece of furniture has been the “necessary room”  for your pet while you have been away at work….(Naw not my boy dog!….wanna bet?).

Now look at the Sofa or Recliner in your family room or how about those Dining Room chairs your raised your family on?

Isn’t it time to do some laundry?

With All Pro Carpet Cleaners, you can be assured that we are extremely proficient (and certified) at cleaning all fabric types. Raw Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Linen, blends and  all the latest synthetics including Micro Fiber/Ultra Suede and good ol’ fashion Herculon. (orange plad is our specialty)

We are fully equipped to clean with the very latest of methods and environmentally safe cleaning solutions.

Call today to set up an appointment with All Pro Carpet Cleaners, 386 774 7441 or 407 833 8888.


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