The latest greatest miracle carpet fiber or not?

Life Happens Think Smart…

Smartstrand made with Dupont Sorona polymer represents a breakthrough in fiber technology.Dupont’s propietary sorona polymer has engineered stain protection that will never wash off or wear off. The fiber’s outstanding resiliency and durability make it a natural choice for busy households.When life happens, think smart. Think Smartstrand.
Well that’s what the marketing professionals have to say anyway…….

All Pro Carpet Cleaners, on the other hand are the Cleaning Professionals and we are constantly asked for recommendations on what carpet types work best. Up until now we have always recommended Solution Dyed Nylon as the best all around carpet for most home owners. It holds up well and cleans up great! There have been other fibers out there that have lasted for years, but they have not cleaned up well or looked good for those same years!

Not a week goes by that we are not in a flooring store and many of the finest Carpet retailers in Volusia, Seminole, and Orange counties have been very impressed with this new form of Polyester called Smartstrand. We have friends who have installed it in a day care setting to try it out in possibly a tougher setting than Ricky’s!

We’re watching Smartstrand to see how it does…..Stay tuned!


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