Whoops! I spilled some coffee (wine, tea, red punch)…now what?

As carpet cleaners, we have seen everything spilled on carpets!  And spills don’t usually pick the best time……..so–club soda is the best emergency spotter there is.  Keep club soda on hand to clean up spills on carpet and clothing.  Remember to act as soon as possible to a spill.  If you act fast, a spot shouldn’t become a stain.  Club soda will remove red wine, coffee, tea, soda (yes, even red soda and fruit punch!) and any other spills you can think of.  Lift any solids carefully off the carpet or clothes and then pour on the club soda, blotting with an old rag until all color from the spill is removed.  Don’t be afraid to really wet the carpet as long as you blot it after by folding a towel and standing on it, turning the towel or rag as it absorbs the moisture and discoloration from the spill.  The carbonation in the club soda brings the offending spill to the surface so that you can blot it up, and the salts in it will help prevent staining.  If you spill on your clothes in a restaurant, ask for a little club soda or seltzer and use your napking to blot the stain until it is removed.  At home, you can pour the club soda directly onto the spot, flushing it out.  I have found that club soda will even work on many old stains, too.  Always keep several bottles on hand.


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  1. Lori

    Was very pleased with their service and professionalism. Lori, DeLeon Springs

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