A Spot or a Stain??

What is it??  A Spot or a Stain??
It is common outside of the carpet cleaning industry to refer to any change in the appearance of the carpet generically as a spot. I prefer a more exact definition. Spots are foreign material on the surface of the fiber. There is usually a texture you can feel. Spots can always be removed. However some spots if left untreated for too long can become stains as they change through oxidation, carmelization or some other physical or chemical change. The result, permanent change in the look and texture in that area.
The term “stain” indicates the addition of soil, frequently a liquid, often including coloring agents, that has been absorbed into the fiber. This added substance may bind to a dye site and actually alter the structure of the fiber. Some stains will be permanent short of removing a section of the carpet and making a bonded insert. An important virtue when attempting removal of spots and stains is patience. The physical processes and chemical reactions necessary to treat spots and stains does not happen instantly, or with a single procedure. Dwell time is required. Progress may come in small steps.
You will also encounter areas of color loss where a chemical reaction has removed color and the affected area is now lighter than the surrounding carpet. Cleaning will not correct a color loss. Color repair may be able to replace missing color. Sometimes color loss does not occur until the area is “wet” cleaned due to the fact something in the past has been spilled, dropped on to the surface of the carpet….most commonly, make up or acne medicine….
Consumers may even refer to any change in texture, such as at a pivot point (where foot traffic goes around a corner or around a piece of furniture) or traffic lane wear as a spot or stain. Traffic lane wear affects the visual impact on the way the area reflects light back to the human eye…..this is generally a permanent problem and replacement is generally the only “fix”…..you will also see this situation in front of recliners where the foot/shoe has scuffed the surface of the carpet when the person sitting in the chair reclines, that area becomes physically scuffed ….again affecting the visual cue back to the human eye. No amount of cleaning or cleaning products can correct a situation in these areas ……..most often the use of cleaning products found on grocery store shelves further exacerbate the situation by leaving behind a substance in the carpet which hold oils and surface particulate that is tracked in from the bottoms of shoes, house slippers or even bare feet…..again this is a wear problem. Aggressive agitation in these areas can actually damage face yarns, actually compounding the problem. The result is twisted face yarn that looks totally different than the surrounding area. Furthermore, excessive use of spotting agents can result in delaminating, causing a “wrinkle” or “hump” in that area. Failure to thoroughly rinse some agents may leave behind the soil attracting residues mentioned above, making the area look darker than the surround areas.

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March 3, 2013 · 9:39 am

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