Keeping Pets from Marking Their Territory (you urine on YOUR carpet, furniture, area rugs!)

cat did itPreventing Pet Territory Marking…. A trick that seems to be extremely helpful…… in order to prevent your pet from marking its territory on your carpet or area rug, the pet has to lose interest in doing so. Using a non toxic, organic spice such as white pepper or black pepper seems to be very helpful because pets dislike the smell. If you sprinkle some on their favorite area, it will assist with preventing the pet from wanting to mark its territory. Of course applying this trick doesn’t help if the carpet-rug isn’t thoroughly cleaned. It is strongly suggested to have your carpet-area rug cleaned first then apply this trick. Sprinkle the pepper lightly onto their favorite area for about a month or so and your pet will eventually lose interest in trying to mark their territory so long as he/she is not a stubborn pet. If the carpet-rug is light colored it is best to use white pepper and if the it is dark colored use black pepper….call All Pro Carpet Cleaners  386 774 7441     407 833 8888

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