And we vacuumed 2 TIMES BEFORE cleaning !!

pet hair from truck filter 2This is from a “3 Dog” home….As professional carpet cleaners, we see this often when we clean with our High Heat, High Powered Truckmount cleaning system. We come prepared to do the best possible cleaning job….This particular home was vacuumed twice before we started cleaning by two of our technicians, using two different hepa vacuum cleaners…… the pet hair and debris seen below was trapped in our filter system with-in our Truck Mount cleaning system, so we remove the debris from your home and dispose of it properly…….Home owners, take note……Some professional cleaning companies will come to your home in a pick up truck or an SUV and proceed to clean your carpets using a small portable cleaning machine (similar to the ones you rent at the grocery stores-they are called “portables”)..using your hot water (and when your HW tank runs out of Hot water…they are then cleaning with cold water) …(and some cleaners do not even bring a vacuum cleaner with them in their arsenal of tools to clean your carpets) …but it gets worse….after cleaning a room, they then have to empty out their portable cleaning machine….dumping what you see in the video below; all of the sand, pet hair, and trash into your commode, your sink basin or your bath tub…Yuck!! I have even had people tell me that the carpet cleaner “stopped up my bath tub” and we did not realize it until we started to use the bath tub later in the day!!! By that time, the cleaners in question were long gone, check cashed, and phone calls not returned…..So if you want your carpets cleaned…give All Pro Carpet Cleaners a call…  we’ve been keeping pets out of the dog house since 1986!!
386-774-7441 in Volusia or 407-833-8888 in Seminole or Orange Counties


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