couple sleepingIf you have a Mattress that is showing signs of wear or has more than a few stains, why not do something about it?  All Pro Carpet Cleaners can safely clean your Mattress and have it looking brand new.  There is no need to throw away a perfectly good mattress just because it needs cleaning.

All Pro Carpet Cleaners not only cleans carpets. The professional and highly trained staff has years of experience cleaning mattress and restoring them to like new condition. If your Mattress has spots or stains, we will clean and sanitize your Mattress right in your own home…..! Why purchase a new Mattress when the one you have is perfectly fine?  The costs of buying a new Mattress can set you back more than a thousand dollars depending on the size of your bed.  Why waste money? When you can have your Mattress cleaned for only a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

So if you have a Mattress that has seen better days; why not let  All Pro Carpet Cleaners freshen it up…!!!  Contact us today to receive a quote. Call ALL PRO … 386-774-7441  or  407-833-8888



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