Let’s Practice Random Acts of Kindness

The blog entries here at All Pro Carpet Cleaners are not always about carpet cleaning Lake Mary Florida or Carpet cleaning Heathrow, Florida …..but the entries here hopefully reflect the good side of human nature that we all want or should strive for in everyday life.

Albert Einstein once said “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions”. This is true…good or bad.

Why don’t we all as human beings strive to exhibit what I call “Random acts of kindness.”

For example…..                         

Let the lady in the merge lane on the highway enter the highway without crowding her….. 

Let the little lady trying to get across the street in front of the post Office or the lady pushing her grocery cart out of Publix ….give her some time to navigate the side walk and cross in front of your car…..     

Pick up your neighbor’s garbage can or lid that has blown out into the street and put it back into their yard….

Don’t use your cell phone while you are in line at the fast food store…… 

 Send some money to your favorite charity or the Salvation Army…….you never know who you are going to help…..it could be your neighbor or even a relative in need.

I’m going to try to do this…… 

 Bill Martin

All Pro Carpet Cleaners

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Deltona Florida carpet cleaner


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